Lose yourself in The Lobby Lounge and RawBar’s seductive scene, where glamour meets comfort. Whether curled up by the fireside, enjoying the live music from front row seats or mingling at the Bob Dylan-inspired communal tables, The Lobby Lounge and RawBar is the perfect place to start – or end – your night.


Shaken or stirred, The Lobby Lounge bar takes centre stage in the Vancouver cocktail scene. Sip through a menu that is all hand-crafted and cocktailed with care by our award-winning (and dashing) bar team, led by Creative Beverage Director Grant Sceney.


Open from lunch ‘til late, our RawBar bar features signature items, donburi bowls and bento boxes. The team also recommends ‘Omakase’ (chef’s choice) – a ‘surprise and delight’ element that enables the chefs to create a unique presentation which can include daily features, new items or guest favourites. Since our sushi bar made its debut in 2013, it has become renowned for its innovative presentation and quality of ingredients – a must-dine for the sushi-savvy.


This Aussie hailing from Melbourne is a kingpin of the global cocktail scene. Named World-Class Canadian Bartender of the Year in 2014, and Vancouver’s best bartender, his cocktailing has taken him everywhere from South Africa to Amsterdam. When not catching waves or shaking things up abroad, he’s taking the Pac Rim beverage program to incredible new heights.

After an illustrious career in sushi restaurants throughout Japan and Canada, in 2015, award-winning Masayoshi opened his own namesake restaurant in Vancouver where he has been leading the city’s sushi culture; focusing on the artistry and simplicity of crafting each dish with only the best ingredients available, Masayoshi’s restaurant serves exclusively nigirizushi and was awarded one Michelin Star in Vancouver inaugural ceremony in 2022.

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